Lightning In A Saddle​​
The Long , Untamed Life of Evelyn Hamilton

Barred from the Tour de France.
She rode to save their country. 

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The Inga Thompson Foundation

War Hero

Record Breaker

Equality Pioneer

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Evelyn Hamilton was a gifted cyclist who broke records and hearts, then fought 
Nazis, sexism and her own  sizable ambitions to become a war hero and a beacon of humanity.  
Bestselling author, cyclist, travel adventurer, 
screenwriter and performer, Joe Metal Cowboy Kurmaskie will brings her stor to the page before it becomes a major motion picture. 

The true story of cycling's female Jackie Robinson meets Inglorious 
Bastards, with a helping of Hidden Figures on the side almost found itself lost to the sands of time.

A larger than life character, Evelyn Hamilton lived, loved and rode on her own terms. 
When barred from the Tour de France, she set distance/time records which held 
for decades, became the most famous cyclist in the world in 1935, then risked 
it all in occupied France rescuing airmen by bike and couriering coded 
messages hidden in her handlebars… messages that determined the fate of the 
world.A forgotten war hero who rode to save a country she wasn't allowed to race for. 

1. What does 1923 Tour de France winner Henri Pelissier's murder have to do 
with British cycling record holder Evelyn Hamilton and her ambitions to race 
head to head with men? 

2. What do Italian race champ Gino Bartali and British long distance record 
holder Evelyn Hamilton have in common? 

3. When, why and how did the lives of Curious George creators Margaret and H. 
A. Rey intersect with British cycling phenom and Nazi fighter, Evelyn 
Hamilton during the take over of France by the Germans? 

4.  How did British cycling champ and Nazi fighter, Evelyn Hamilton set track 
sprint and distance records - sometimes on fixed gear bikes and by 
candlelight, win 60 races in five countries and go 1,000 miles in 84 in 
saddle hours only to be barred from the Tour de France?
This book answers these questions and more.

Sidelined though she bested men's times under harsher conditions, She fought 
sexism, Nazis and her own ambitions to become the most famous 
cyclist in the world at the time. 

And all this was nearly lost to the sands of time until one photo sent author 
and adventure cyclist, Joe Kurmaskie ( ) on a global, 
literary treasure hunt. 

His story, of facing down a life threatening illness just as he started 
research, battling and recovering - to complete work on Evelyn's life 
story only added depth to the story. 

One final twist to the story, an element that tied the whole room together and makes the battles, triumphs and unfinished business of a champ from one hundred years ago fresh and current, is female Olympic athlete and cycling equality pioneer of this generation Kristin Inga Thompson - fighting the same battles as Evelyn did, only today. Her story book ends the work and makes this story a powerful call to action.

Lightning In A Saddle
The book of Evelyn's epic life story and the global treasure hunt to rediscover her.