Lightning In A Saddle​​
The Long , Untamed Life of Evelyn Hamilton

Barred from the Tour de France.
She rode to save their country. 

A  Partnership With
The Inga Thompson Foundation

War Hero

Record Breaker

Equality Pioneer

Join Our Documentary Filmmaking Team

Want to work on a documentary about the discovery of a race legend who fought fascism, sexism and her own ambitions to become a war heroine and beacon of humanity?

Aspiring and experienced filmmakers, (editing, camera work, directing etc. ) is assembling a worldwide team/sponsors/kickstarter for a documentary titled:

Chasing Lightning: Unearthing Evelyn Hamilton and Bringing Her Across The Finish line of History.

This project will be a companion piece/backstory for:

Lightning In A Saddle

A full length Hollywood feature and a nonfiction book currently in the works. It will follow the literary treasure hunt author Joe Kurmaskie took to piece her story together, use vintage footage, live presentation footage, interviews from around the globe and audience reaction to her story and its relevance in today's fights for equality, soical justice and democracy.

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